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Spark Plug Espresso Martini, Nitro Infused Cocktail

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Spark Plug represents a contemporary reinterpretation of the beloved espresso martini, gaining its fame in the vibrant Las Vegas nightlife and dining scene. This exquisite libation combines the finest Arabica Coffee, Premium Vodka, Madagascar Vanilla, and Pure Cane Sugar in flawless harmony, resulting in an explosion of exceptional flavors.
Spark Plug Espresso Martini
Spark Plug Espresso Martini

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Spark Plug Las Vegas

Las Vegas'

Drink of Choice

The Spark Plug is linked to the vibrant dining and entertainment culture of Las Vegas. It has solidified its position as the unofficial cocktail of choice for both sophisticated visitors and locals alike.

Originating as a shot to get the night started, in the VIP room of a renowned Las Vegas club, the Spark Plug quickly garnered attention and was eventually shared as a martini with one of the city’s most iconic steakhouses. Since then, it has soared in popularity and is now widely acknowledged as the preferred martini or shot for discerning patrons throughout Las Vegas.

Indulge in authentic crema with our nitrogen-infused perfection

An Authentic Cocktail


Experience the silky smooth perfection of this modern classic cocktail, where premium vodka, Arabica coffee, Madagascar vanilla, and pure cane sugar blend harmoniously to create delightful bursts of distinguished flavors. The Arabica coffee in the Spark Plug captivates with its notes of floral essence, honey, and rich dark chocolate.
Spark Plug Ingredients, Espresso Martini
Spark Plug Espresso Martini



Espresso Martini


Spark Plug

Spark Plug Espresso Martini
Spark Plug Espresso Martini

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